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Create charts, reports and dashboards with the company's media assets, tasks, workflows and processes information, including data from third-party systems with the Business Intelligence module of the VSNExplorer platform.

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VSNExplorer BI

Big Data analysis
Control and monitorize the processes to make better business decisions based on real data from your company thanks to the large volume of data that the VSNExplorer BI module allows you to collect and analyze.
Custom reports
Users can customize the type of reports and charts (bar, column, ranking, circular, enumeration, speedometer, etc.). They can also export these charts and reports in different formats (PDF, Word and Excel) or display them in custom dashboards.
Detection of inefficiencies
The system detects bottlenecks in workflows and business processes, as well as providing statistics and reports to analyze how to solve these problems and make strategic decisions that promote a more efficient use of resources.
Third-party integration
The VSNExplorer BI module allows data to be extracted from third-party systems. Crossing data from different sources facilitates the monitoring and optimization of all the company's processes.
Designed for media companies
VSNExplorer BI offers a detailed analysis of the performance of content, media files, workflows based on the data and information collected directly from specific software and media asset systems.
Easy to use and intuitive tool
The VSNExplorer BI module is an easy syste that offers a series of reports and analytical dashboards generated by default, so that professionals can start to extract the maximum value of their companies' data analysis from the start.

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VSNExplorer BI

Discover the advanced functionalities of our Business Intelligence system

Reports' advanced customization

VSNExplorer BI allows professionals to create custom reports and charts of all kinds based on specific information of their interest and even segment data by department. Users can select the specific information they want to export in any format (Word, Excel or PDF). The system analizes the allocation and use of the company's available resources to make it more efficient or knowing which videos or programs have been the most viewed of the channel in the last month.


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