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VSNLivecom is a flexible studio automation system that offers advanced features to achieve the highest efficiency in any scenario. It can control up to 16 video server channels in a simple and reliable way.

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Integration with NRCS via MOS
VSNLivecom is compatible with the main news production systems available through the MOS protocol, such as Avid's iNews, Octopus 8, Ross Video's Inception, AP's ENPS, SCYSIS' Open Media or SNEWS' ANews, among others.
Previewing video clips
VSNLivecom offers several useful features for the previsualization of content clips. These features include Frame by frame advance, Loop, Cue Preview, Next and Previous, Fast Forward (FF), Rewind, timeline, among others.
Instant update of the automation engine
When the application starts, it automatically retrieves the status of the engine and reflects it so that at any moment a new client can be connected to the automation server to interact with it.
Multiple simultaneous users
Several users can be connected to a single Rundown service to monitor or control the playlist. Furthermore, the system allows multiple NRCS users to connect and operate on the same playlist simultaneously.
Offline mode
The VSNLivecom user can, in case they need to, create and manage his own playlists disconnected from the MOS protocol to operate with it (move, add, modify or delete events) at their convenience offline.
Automation management
The system includes several customizable modes, such as manual or automatic event management (trimming, reassignment), back to back and skip, graphics control from any CG, trigger and keyboard shortcuts and Jog Shuttle functionalities.

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Management of channels and playlists

The VSN studio automation system manages multiple rundowns (playlists) in parallel, being able to control up to 4 channels (A/B/C/D) in list mode and with manual management of events that can be chained in different order from the playlist, enter into loop mode, etc.

Revolutionary arquitecture

VSNLivecom has been designed for flexibility, simplicity and high availability. It has a revolutionary architecture composed by a playout engine and a new client-server model that allows several application clients to be connected at the same time to the same playback engine with different configurations and controlling different channels, making it one of the most advanced studio automation systems in the market.

Videoserver channels

Operation of up to 8 auxiliary server channels (CH) They are used to broadcast different contents from the playlists; for example, to project to the studio plasmas. On these channels, the VSNLivecom studio automation system allows to make clip lists with loop, trimming, slowmotion and other functions. In addition, it allows multiple servers from a remote workplace.

Dynamic configuration

The VSNLivecom studio automation system allows changing the configuration without stopping the operation. The operation views of the interface can be customized for each studio and operator, so that it always keeps the customization according to the user and/or the studio.

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