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VSNExplorer Exchange is a content hub designed for work environments where all types of media needs to be exchanged and managed. It allows the transfer of files in an economic, simple and secure way, improving the visibility and fluidity of the actions of all users subscribed to the exchange.

Benefits from acquiring

VSNExplorer Exchange

Accelerated file transfer (UMP)
In order to achieve the most efficient and fastest file transfer possible, VSNExplorer Exchange relies on VSN's own acceleration protocol, UMP, which provides a fast and agile platform to ensure the continuity of high-quality video file traffic between subsidiaries or companies. Moreover, it allows to follow in real time all the file transfers.
Automatic file transcoding
In addition to efficient file transfer, VSNExplorer Exchange also offers the possibility to automatically transcode files according to the original recording format and the one to be received in the different locations, according to the specific needs of each recipient. This setting can be done at the input as well as at the output.
Subscription to contents of interest
It is possible to create content subscriptions for individual entities to automate the movement of files and optimize their transfer according to the subscription profile of each company or individual office. As soon as the contents of interest are entered into the system, they are received in a similar way to a news feed.

Running orders and forecast management
Companies can plan in advance the production of certain pieces of content, allowing users to receive the them automatically as soon as they are ingested. It also offers the ability to work collaboratively on daily content running orders that are scheduled to plan the delivery of media files to all subscribed destinations.
User permission management
The product features a complex system of rules and user permissions that allow the formation of hierarchies among the different profiles that access the system, so that some file transfers are made automatically, which improves the efficiency of transfers and the productivity of the company.
Reports and dashboards
The system also includes an analysis module based on VSNExplorer Business Intelligence (BI) to generate analytical reports and dashboards, customized or automatically generated, that allow to evaluate the activity of each company and/or office or subsidiary and to analyze the volume of content transfers made and the performance obtained by sender, receiver and type of content.

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VSNExplorer Exchange

Discover the system’s advanced functionalities

Web-based and completely customizable

VSNExplorer Exchange, based on a distributed MAM system architecture, is completely web-based and customizable, offering customers the possibility of coordinating the entire relationship of their catalogs by type of content, as well as the automation of file movement to optimize their transfer between all users or offices involved. It acts as a central core from which all available content categorized by subject is remotely managed, and processes and tasks of the companies' daily operations are automated without the need to install any additional applications to do so.

Available in the Cloud and as SaaS

Like VSNExplorer, VSNExplorer Exchange can be deployed in the cloud to access all these tools from any device, location and moment, which gives its users greater flexibility to make transfers from wherever they need to. In addition, the system is also available under a Software as a Service (SaaS) business model, which makes it a dynamic and scalable tool.

Advanced content display

All available content can be viewed by typology or various categories, facilitating the display and logical structuring of playlists and content catalogs.

VSNExplorer MAM advanced features

VSNExplorer Exchange provides access to several of the advanced features of VSNExplorer MAM, such as content preview, advanced metadata management based on AI services, automatic content cataloging during ingest or content publication from the own workstations.

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