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VSNExplorer Suite

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Scalable and flexible web-based Media Asset Management (MAM) system for content management, cataloguing, publication, distribution, preservation and recovery.
Designed to manage, organize and monitor all creative processes in media and remote production environments, including projects, tasks, files, storages and user permissions.
Focused on workflow automation, its flexible infrastructure helps media companies to create, manage, monitor and customize all their business processes to optimize their performance.
An add-on module for MAM, PAM and BPM systems, this business intelligence software is capable of transforming files and metadata into valuable analytical reports and dashboards.
The latest revolution in news production! Create a solution perfectly tailored to your needs by integrating the third party systems of your choice and making all of them accesible through a single interface.
Content hub in the cloud or on premise, suitable for work environments where a big volume of content has to be exchanged and available in more than one location. Transfer media files in a cost-effective and secure way.
Web-based video editor that enables quick low-res editing by cut, audio editing, voiceover recording in the timeline, basic effects and even generating Edit Decision Lists (EDL) for advanced editing in non-linear editors (NLE).
VSNExplorer integrates with the AI engines of Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, IBM Watson, AWS and its own VSN AI, allowing for automatic metadata detection and cataloguing and more accurate content searches.

All you need from production to delivery

Traffic & scheduling system for TV, radio and non-linear channels. 100% web and multi-tenant, it allows to schedule programming and advertising in a smart way, including powerful automations and analytics.
Video Ingest software to guarantee reliable content ingest from any available source: external feeds, live, VTR's, files or agency wires, including edit while ingest and ingest through hot folders capabilities.
Quality control system for both traditional broadcasting and online workflows, to let users control at all times their content, both at video and audio levels, with detailed reports on the assets and an intuitive interface.
A highly reliable multi-channel ingest server system that allows for uninterrupted media recording of video and audio sources for multiple uses: from monitoring and legal compliance purposes, to VoD or archiving.
Simple, reliable and flexible studio playout with non-stop dynamic configuration that controls up to 16 video server channels. It is MOS compatible and integrates with the majority of NRCS systems available in the market.
Integrated playout or Channel-in-a-Box system that reduces the many parts of a traditional playout and master control into a single integrated application. Simplify the installation and maintenance processes.
Robust playout automation software with hundred of references in the world and over 20 years in the market. It guarantees 24/7 seamless broadcast in single TV channels and big play-out centers alike.