The EUMSSI project obtains an ‘Excellent’ grade after its last year of activity

The European Commission has once again granted the highest grade possible to the project ‘Event Understanding through Multimodal Social Stream Interpretation’ (EUMSSI), in which VSN participates as one of its founders. This initiative seeks to create an advanced and integrated multimodal platform for automatic metadata enrichment coming from diverse online sources (from social media to news archives), in order to provide contextualised information for journalists in news production environments.

Raúl Marín, Senior Software Engineer at VSN, presenting the EUMSSI project at IBC trade show.

The project EUMSSI, that aims to create a revolutionary technology to ease the work of the media and enhance total coverage of any given topic in news work environments, has achieved in its third and last year of development the highest qualification granted by the European Commission in terms of the project’s development analysis, progress and first prototype applications.

More specifically, the European institution highlights that the project has successfully achieved all milestones and overall main goals without deviations, and that it has also created as a result a “well-functioning integrated platform”, taking also into consideration all the recommendations made by the reviewers in its second year of development.

This initiative, in which VSN takes place as one of the founders of the project, allows journalists to search, explore and retrieve useful information for the articles that they are writing, thanks to the display of automatically generated content coming from various online sources in a synchronized manner. Some features that, according to the feedback provided by the European Commission, may have a great “potential interest” and “good perspectives for exploitation” of this tool in the future.

In particular, VSN’s role within the project has been also highlighted for the development of the journalistic use case and the integration of the text analysis modules in their commercial applications, which currently grants much better results than the ones that were expected at the beginning of the project.

‘Receiving such an excellent qualification by the European Commission for the second consecutive year it is truly an honour. We are talking about an institution that demands maximum quality in the projects that it evaluates and finances, and receiving such a good feedback is the best proof that we are on the right way to create a revolutionary technology to help mass media to develop and enrich their news and events coverages in an easy way’, declares Raúl Marín, Senior Software Engineer at VSN.

EUMSSI is a project that belongs to the European Union Seventh Framework Program for research and technological development, which has already completed its third and last year of development. VSN has worked in this project hand in hand with some of the key institutions of the European research environment: Leibniz University of Hannover (Germany), Pompeu Fabra University (Spain), Université du Maine (France), IDIAP Research Institute (Switzerland), Deutsche Welle (Germany) and GFAI (Germany). For more information on this project and its goals, visit its official Website at

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