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Sector: TV

Project: Technical upgrade and move to HD, End-To-End Solution (Traffic, NEWS , MAM and Playout)

Porto Canal is a generalist Portuguese cable television channel focused in news, sports and entertainment that relies on almost 100% self-produced content.

The Challenge

In order to fulfill its rebranding and the channel’s growth expected after its partnership with F.C. Porto, Porto Canal needed to update, upgrade and expand their existing software infrastructure and solutions, while being able to manage them in an efficient and centralized way.

There was an important requirement that the software solutions provided could integrate and manage the hardware solution chosen for technical upgrade, as well as the already existing ones in Porto Canal. Moreover, the timeframe available for the installation, upgrade, staff training and deployment of the new solutions was limited and all these had to be done without interfering with the channel existing broadcast process. Finally, all this technical upgrade included the change of the channel format to HD (1080i) and the addition of new physical infrastructure: new studios and a new location (inside the F.C. Porto stadium).

Porto Canal TV Studio
VSNLIVECOM Studio Playout

The Solution

For the core and to manage all content, VSN deployed VSNEXPLORER Production Asset Management (PAM) module, that offers all the necessary tools to efficiently manage and track media all along the creative process since the ingest of content, passing through the editing process and finishing with the delivery of the finalized content. Allied and integrated with VSNEXPLORER PAM, VSN deployed VSNAUTOREC ingest automation and VSNCAPTURER video servers for handling the required baseband ingest operations.

In order to provide the best news workflow for Porto Canal, VSN deployed Ross Video Inception News integrated with VSNLIVECOM, offering a full MOS workflow for news production. Being a MOS compliant workflow it was easy to integrate existing solutions like the AutoScript prompters. Inception News allows Porto Canal journalists to easily create, manage and produce news stories that can later be broadcast and/or published to social media networks. While Inception handles the story creation part, VSNLIVECOM handles the story broadcast part, acting as MOS interface and automation of the production video servers.

In the broadcast playout domain, VSNMULTICOM was already the automation in place since the launch of the channel and Porto Canal was happy with it. VSN only needed to deploy a version upgrade, integrate it with the other VSN solutions deployed and configure it to support the new format and the new video servers and routers chosen by Porto Canal.

The main and most important addition to the broadcast workflow was VSNCREATV, whose integration with VSNSPIDER and VSNEXPLORER, allows for the automatic movement of all the media relative to any given program or advertising campaign that Porto Canal schedules for broadcast, triggering any necessary workflows needed. At the same time VSNCREATV broadcast logs consolidation from the AS-RUN logs supplied by VSNMULTICOM allows Porto Canal to have detailed reports of what was broadcasted and when it was broadcast, while automatically managing broadcast and advertising contracts showings.

The Results

With the implementation of VSN solutions in an end-to-end scheme, Porto Canal passed from a manual based workflow channel to a fully managed and almost fully automated one. They now have more time and better tools to focus on the improvement of their content, pursue channel success and further engage their audience.

Thanks to VSN solutions, the tight integration within them as well as the wide capabilities of adaptation and integration with third party solutions, summed to the technical and structural upgrades investments Porto Canal has done in the last year, Porto Canal is now a reborn channel, equipped and prepared to ascend to the predominant and national position that it aims and deserves. VSN believes that Porto Canal has now the structure and capability to go even further, or as we say: from End-To-End to Anywhere!

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