New VSN End-to-End Webinar available!

VSN has launched a new Webinar dedicated to the Broadcast and Media & Entertainment technology. This time, the seminar is dedicated to End-to-End systems and how to obtain the most from the integration of the different parts of the puzzle of an installation. With this End-to-End Webinar, that is now available at our Website, users can have access to a complete and enhanced guide on this topic.

Toni Vilalta will present the new webinar

Toni Vilalta presents the new webinar

The Webinar was conducted, as usual, by Toni Vilalta, VSN’s Product Manager, that again analyzed in a simple and direct way one of the most interesting topics of the industry: how to make sure that our End-to-End system is complete and how to maximize its performance?

With the title “Is you End-to-End complete? Discover how to solve the puzzle!”, the Webinar talked in depth about every of the aspects that conform an End-to-End system. And, as usual, Toni Vilalta highlighted the main concepts with practical and real cases extracted from real installations.

Also, the Webinar counted with the participation of Jordi Capdevila, VSN’s Marketing Director, as conductor. During the Webinar, users attending the session were able to ask questions, that were answered by Aarón López, VSN’s Chief Operating Officer (COO). At the end, the most representative questions were answered by Toni Vilalta. Those interested can find the complete recording of the Webinar by clicking here.

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