Revolutionizing MAM technology thanks to the Cloud

In our latest technology article, Mariano Monteverde, VSN’s Sales Director for the Asia-Pacific region, talks about the endless chances that the Cloud offers when combined with Media Management technologies.

The Cloud offers better media management

The Cloud offers better media management

Today’s Media & Entertainment industries are experiencing technology convergence. The irruption of second screens and smart devices and the new concept of TV everywhere have set the Cloud as the new paradigm for video distribution and consumption. To that extent we are seeing today that 4K UHD content is arriving first to Netflix or YouTube than to traditional broadcast networks.

Moreover, the Cloud also offers a new space of opportunities for B2B media applications and especially for the MAM as the core system of the M&E process management. Generalized benefits of the Cloud are open APIs -any cloud application cannot be understood without interaction with other applications- and a higher customization of parameters, or M-data, for tracking and linking processes.

But, what about video production and operations? What is the Cloud enabling and who is using it?

Editing has traditionally been one of the main challenges for enabling MAM systems on the Cloud. For this we have seen NLE solutions providing real-time streaming technology for distributed editing. However, distributed editing does not necessarily means that the hi-res content has to be centralized on the Cloud platform. For this reason, and taking in mind craft editors that are used to work upon very high standards, a proper Cloud-based MAM offers multi-storage configurations allowing local production storages configured for local editing, without having to resign to edit over 10G Ethernet or 8 G Fibre Channel storages.

As an analogy, in the same way a MAM can manage a SAN or a NAS together with a near-line storage such an LTO library, providing the user access for browsing and searching the whole repository and retrieving content of any of those when needed, the same applies to the Cloud.

Moreover, to bring practical sense to such implementation it is also necessary to provide rendering to the export while transferring media on the fly to the Cloud to dramatically reduce the new content registration process in the MAM.

Beyond hi-res video editing we can see several workflows being used by majors, telco operators and big private media holding groups. Now providers, as distributors or producers, or customers, as advertising agencies, can send content directly to the Cloud by specific access and web forms provided by the MAM. With such enriched contribution, the media can be normalized for post-production department quicker than ever.

For example, from the associated information received, new workflows for other providers as dubbing or subtitling companies may be automatically triggered after QC and acceptance of the content. A dubbing company may receive a notification that grants access to a certain media asset to retrieve a low-res proxy video file and request to provide back the audio tracks with the new dubbed languages.

Upon the reception of the audio tracks a new version of the hi-res media can be assembled by the MAM. Moreover, in case there is insertion of sponsorship in the content, also the sponsor may validate if such has been correctly provided before On-Air or publishing and confirm its acceptance with the proxy preview.

Basically, the new Cloud-based MAMs provide access from many locations and enable sharing workflows between different companies, facilitating multiple versions of the media for different platforms, from Social Networks, to subscription portals or traditional broadcast platforms, helping to engage audience and further monetization of content.

Taking all this tracking that happens in the Cloud also enables Business Intelligence tools to help general management and heads of departments to provide more successful content.

At VSN we have been and continue to work hard to redefine corporate media management solutions to take all the benefit of the new era of information. We are proud of VSNEXPLORER, the suite that makes today the operations of the future, and that is perfectly integrated with the Cloud to take advantage of all the opportunities it offers.

Mariano Monteverde

Mariano Monteverde

APAC Sales Director

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