SKAÏ TV to deploy its new playout centre with VSN

OTE S.A., the largest telecommunications provider in Greece, currently offers the CONN-X IPTV service. Skaï TV was recently awarded the playout service for their fourexisting sports channels and the future CONN-X Sport HD. The project was commissioned to Ariston BTS, VSN’s partner in Greece.

Skai TV (ΣΚΑΪ), a Greek TV station with nationwide coverage, has been recently awarded the playout service for the four sports channels of the Hellenic Telecommunications Organization (OTE S.A.)’s IPTV service, branded as CONN-X TV. CONN-X TV currently offers 48 thematic TV channels with digital clarity as well as Video on Demand services. VSN’s flexible technology and Ariston’s knowledge and on-site support of VSN’s solutions were key for Skai TV’s decision.

The project is based on a standard and easy expandable, open IT infrastructure including 4 VMAX SD/HD video servers (2 units 4IN/1OUT for ingest and 2 units 4-output-channelforplayout), plus a central storage that provides full redundancy with no single point of failure. Both VMAX playouts are configured to broadcast synchronized 3 SD channels and 1 HD channel.

The easy-to-use VSNCREATV solution is used to schedule broadcast programs weeks ahead. The broadcast automation system, VSNMULTICOM delivers the redundancy for the playouts and the automation itself. Furthermore, VSNMULTICOM is in charge of controlling an Evertz EMX Router (288×288) as well as a QMC-2 switcher. A full integration for the Evertz QMC-2 MCS was developed for this project in order to control the logos and graphics insertion from the automation system, besides the effects and cross point switching.  The graphics system comprises 4 VSNCG connected in fill and key mode to the MCS, also scheduled by VSNCREATV and triggered by VSNMULTICOM. The installation includes integration of Sony’s Media Backbone SONAPS news production system and Blue Order’s archive in order to feed with additional content to VSN’s playout video servers.

As a result, the MCR automation makes possible to have an optimal operation of the four Channels that are broadcasted through IPTV service and satellite, reducing operation errors and providing maximum availability.