The Audio-visual Industry on the cloud… Fact or Fiction? (spanish)

The conferences were held on Tuesday, November 20th in Barcelona and on Thursday 22th in Madrid.

Everyday we are interacting steadily with the cloud through online banking, social networking, electronic media, music streaming, multimedia … also the companies uses cloud-based solutions such as CRM, webmail, etc…

Is the audio-visual industry fitting its processes to this new reality? Are these news solutions able to improve the productivity and reduce costs in an increasingly competitive environment? What are the challenges that are facing the cloud’s industry? What are the fears to use these solutions?

This conference were held on Tuesday, November 20th in Barcelona and Thursday 22th in Madrid, where the main actors of audio-visual value chain as producers, content distributors, government agencies, media rights managers are going to shared their approach to the cloud solutions and exchanged their points of view.

The conferences were in spanish.


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