VSN holds a technology conference in Hong Kong with great attendance of local media

VSN Innovation & Media Solutions has launched in Hong Kong a series of technical presentations opened to the public and addressed specially to clients and business partners to present everything that its technology can achieve in media management, journalists’ newsroom work and MCR automation and distribution to second screens.

VSN Roadshow - APAC 2015

VSN Roadshow – APAC 2015

The roadshow has started in China and is visiting Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore in the following months. It is aimed to present to a strategic market for VSN the lastest versions of the software developed by the company and that were launched worldwide on the last NABShow at Las Vegas. “We want to be close to our clients and listen to what they have to say regarding their needs”, has declared Mariano Monteverde, VSN’s APAC Sales Director, “and an event like this a perfect opportunity to do so while showing our latest features”.

“We have decided to start this series of presentations in China for three reasons”, has declared Mario Diaz, VSN’s Global Sales Director. “Firstly, because here we have our Headquarters in this region, in the office that we opened two years ago at the modern Cyberport Technological Center and that is managed by Mariano Monteverde, our APAC Sales Director. Secondly, for the size of the Chinese market, being the country in the world with more televisions. And thirdly, because we have a very important local reference, TVB Hong Kong, one of the biggest broadcasters in Asia, who trusts its daily operations in our technology since 2013 and who represents a great example of how our solutions can adapt to the needs of any market or client”, has said the executive.

The session has been attended by a wide range of local media. For four hours, the public have bear witness of the News, PAM, MAM, Deep Archive, Business Intelligence and BPM demonstrations carried out by Toni Vilalta, VSN’s Product Manager, who has expressly traveled to Hong Kong for the event.

At the event, Sunny Sg, Engineering Director at Evertop (VSN’s local dealer), has declared that “VSN has proven to be a great provider, with a very competitive portfolio of solutions and a highly qualified team. We are very satisfied and we are sure that we will achieve great results collaborating together”.

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