VSN joins the Catalan Audiovisual Cluster

VSN becomes a partner of the Catalan Audiovisual Cluster. The company is now part of an initiative that serves as a meeting point for more than 130 enterprises and institutions in a sector that employs 26,000 people in the region.

Among the different members of the Cluster, there are companies linked to the audiovisual industry that develop lines of business such as production, post-production, distribution, sets, television or event organization. It also hosts the main universities in the region and other companies that perform complementary audiovisual activities, such as those in the education or health sector.

Thereby, VSN’s services and products join consolidated companies in the industry that are already part of the Catalan Audiovisual Cluster, such as NEP, Ditec, Filmin or the Parc Audiovisual de Catalunya, where VSN has its headquarters.

A key meeting point

With this incorporation, VSN joins a fundamental initiative that acts as a backbone and meeting point for the industry in Catalonia. The Catalan Audiovisual Cluster has three lines of work that define the activities it organizes: talent, innovation and business. 

Thanks to a close contact with the academic world, the Cluster brings students and new talents closer to the industry, providing a base for their access to the job market. In the field of innovation, the organization connects the different projects of the companies and serves as a support in the analysis of new opportunities. All this would not be possible without a constant dialogue between partners, which is achieved through local networking activities and collaborations with other European clusters.

“We are delighted to be part of this organization that brings together the main players in our industry in Catalonia. We believe that it is essential to maintain constant communication between the companies that make up the audiovisual sector and common spaces such as the Catalan Audiovisual Cluster are essential for that” declared Jordi Utiel, VSN’s CEO. 

“With the incorporation of VSN as a great company of automation and management solutions for Broadcast and Media, the Catalan Audiovisual Cluster is now more complete and robust. We are willing to contribute to a further expansion of its business scope in the context of our industry. VSN’s unparalleled track record as a leading company will contribute to the network of the Catalan Audiovisual Cluster, with the assurance that our partners, more than 130 companies in the audiovisual sector, will benefit from having a company with a solid track record and a promising future as VSN,” said Eduard Gil, Cluster Manager.

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