Redefining synergies: everything that a MAM system can offer to digital advertising

VSN has presented in Kuala Lumpur the marketing trends and investment in digital advertising, and how both are currently redefining the future of Broadcast and content consumption in the digital era. The conference was developed within the “Digital Broadcasting Symposium 2017” program, organized by the Asia-Pacific Broadcast Union (ABU).

VSN's Sales Director for the APAC region was the person in charge of presenting the conference about digital advertising.

VSN’s Sales Director for the APAC region was the person in charge of presenting the conference about digital advertising and the challenges that it poses for the Broadcast industry.

VSN’s Director of Sales for the APAC region, Mariano L. Monteverde, was in charge to present the latests trends in investment in digital advertising on the 9th of March at the Royale Chulan Hotel of Kuala Lumpur. More specifically, Monteverde talked about the external factors and drivers that are nowadays shaping the online content consumption and as a result, the Broadcast segment.

During its conference, Monteverde highlighted the importance of mobile devices in today’s online media consumption, and how the business strategies to reach new audiences in the so-called ‘Second Screens’ are changing the way in which the traditional Broadcast & Media sectors have to seek for new revenue sources. Among others, some concrete consequences of this situation that are already being perceived are the growing fragmentation and disruption of new platforms, video services and digital content offering; the new synergies between Telcos and broadcasters, and even the deployment of WiFi coverage in dense urban areas or tourist spots.

Regarding the alternatives available to cope with this tendency, VSN’s Sales Director specially pointed out the opportunity of diversifying content delivery in multiple platforms and business models, combining advertising and subscription revenues. Specifically, from the perspective of broadcasters, the opportunity to provide content in the pay-tv platforms of the Telcos with shared revenue models based on subscriptions, as well as marketing their own OTT platforms, enables pulling and retaining their own audience and thus, leveraging the ad insertion and content sales model.

Watch the full VSN session at the video:

‘What seems clear, and even more for SMEs, is that we cannot start from the roof. We do have to keep our OPEX under control, making the most of our available resources and automating our daily workflows as much as possible, in order to be more efficient’, states Monteverde. ‘My personal advice is to acquire a flexible and open MAM that can be scaled-up. Such a software helps us to save metadata to better manage content, and also to prepare and publish the content in Social Media networks, OTT and traditional platforms, which improves the distribution and hence its monetization’, adds VSN’s Sales Director.

VSN’s conference ended up with a brief explanation of the functionalities and advantages that VSNExplorer MAM system can provide with in these cases. To obtain more information about VSNEXplorer MAM, visit our product’s webpage or book a Demo in advance with our professional team.

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