vsn integrates Activa Multimedia’s AutomaticTV

vsn-justedit and Activa Multimedia Digital are joining efforts to include ‘Automatic TV’ in the vsn solutions portfolio

The technical and commercial agreement between both Spanish companies will bring some very clear synergies. vsn will greatly empower its graphics and interactive solution range through the integration of AutomaticTV . The vsn customers will also gain access to the automatic content creation tools included, thus reducing their actual production costs.

Activa Multimedia Digital will benefit from the activity of the professional vsn dealer network that’s experiencing a big expansion process around the world. The actual vsn installed base in many countries is also a natural market for AutomaticTV . The agreement is bound to include some other solutions from AMD in the near future.

AutomaticTV (featuring Brainstorm’s graphic engine) is a hardware and software platform to create high quality ‘automatic’ SD-HD content (from internal or external sources), and to add SMS interactivity.

In the ‘Content’ area, AutomaticTV features Meteoplay3, customized SD/HD meteo bulleteens for every region in the world (under licence), Meteosat footage, isobars, ocean weather, beaches, mountains…

This unit manages multiple-format data sources. The TVSpot module allows a TV channel to design full-screen templates for advertising. The templates are accessed and filled by the customers themselves through IP, so the production cost is minimum for both parties. TVSpot easily creates agendas, billboards, etc . The ‘coming next’ function includes also a video window.

The vsn SMSTV solution will be improved with several simultaneous features such as image resizing (‘L’ chat), scrolls and ads/news banners, along with nice customizable graphics for elections, contests, scores, temperature, etc.