VSN integrates VSNMULTICOM with Flumotion’s Web TV system in Barcelona TV

VSN takes a step forward in process integration from its automation system VSNMULTICOM and accomplishes the automatic synchronization of this tool with Barcelona TV’s (BTV) Web TV Flumotion Live and Video on Demand system.

The public broadcaster in the city of Barcelona, Barcelona Televisió (BTV), has recently upgraded its broadcast automation system with VSN. The channel, which was already using VSNMULTICOM for playout management purposes, was in need of real time synchronization with the publishing system for Flumotion’s Video on Demand and Web Live services.

The integration of these technologies carried out by VSN involves two separate processes: integration with the Video on Demand (VOD) service and integration with the Web TV Live service. VSNMULTICOM digitizes the contents that must be sent to the VOD service in high quality format right at the time when these are being aired on TV. Said contents are processed in real time in order to consolidate all video segments, embed the channel’s logo and all associated metadata and send the materials to the Web service repository so they are available only a few minutes after they have been aired. On the other hand, VSNMULTICOM identifies contents with permissions for webcasting purposes and notifies the streaming platform about air times, while providing alternative material for time slots lacking contents with said permissions. All this information gets updated in real time to adjust for any changes in the programming schedule during airtime.

As Jordi Colom, BTV’s Technical Manager, puts it, “we are very happy with the VSNMULTICOM system and with the integration carried out by VSN. Thanks to its flexibility and technical efficiency we have been able to accomplish automation of the publishing processes in real time for our video on demand and Web TV services. This positions us as one of the pioneering TV networks to offer high quality services over the Internet.” VSNMULTICOM controls the broadest range of controlled devices and systems from all vendors in the market, among them, Omneon, Seachange, EVS, Grass Valley and Vector video servers; Pesa, Evertz, Miranda and Kramer switchers and routers; Orad, Vizrt and Chyron graphics systems; Tarsys and Ardendo MAM solutions, etc.