VSN launches a new White Paper on Second Screens and WebTV

The importance that in the new technological context second screens have achieved cannot be overlooked: they are here to stay. With the goal of offering a panoramic of what this technologies, together with the Internet, are bringing to the industry, VSN presents a new and advanced White Paper, “Television and second screens, where is the audience?”.

Click here to get the White Paper

Click here to get the White Paper

These last few years have seen a huge wave of changes in the broadcast industry. The main cause of this revolution has been the irruption of second screens, Internet-connected TV and the use of social media. The public has no longer a passive relation with TV and its favourite content, and it demands access from any place and device to its favourite series, movies and TV programmes.

To understand which changes are second screens and WebTV introducing in the market and, moreover, where audiences are going nowadays, VSN presents a new White Paper, entitled “Television and second screens, where is the audience?”, with which the leading company in media management systems for broadcast and Media & Entertainment offers a complete guide of how to face this changes.

VSN has recently launched worldwide its new second screens and Web TV tool, VSNWEB TV, an enhanced VoD and streaming platform that allows users to distribute its assets directly from VSNEXPLORER (VSN’s MAM, with PAM and BPM modules and a new BI layer) to their webpages or to stream them on the Internet, maximizing impact and monetization of contents in any possible platform, creating the revolutionary concept “From End-to-End to Anywhere”.


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