vsn, the core of the new Spanish DTT and latinamerican institutions

vsn adds DAM to the popular master control and newsroom solutions. Installed base growing with Government references also.

Several new Spanish DTT channels are joining vsn 's installed base. Recently Canal7 and 8 Madrid ( Madrid ), awarded to Promovisa, launched vsn news systems for live production; Grupo Aierta's channels in Almería, Málaga y Murcia also trusted vsn . For their network production and master control room environments.

‘We're happy about the market's response. During the first quarter 6 DTT channels selected vsn in Spain and we expect a similar rate for the rest of 2007' , says Jordi Utiel , vsn 's CEO&President.

NRD ( vsn distributor) has been awarded several new turnkey systems, such as TV Cambrils , that today enjoys a very efficient though low cost tapeless production solution, Andorra TV's expansion featuring the external news agency feeds module vsn wires and the automatic proxy creation solution vsn render farm .

Another milestone is the award of a complete turn-key solution (over 1m€) for Canal Blau in Vilanova i la Geltrú ( Barcelona ) to NRD. This deal comprises a suite of integrated vsn modules, e.g. the new vsn master (MCR software-only solution) plus the scheduling and traffic tool vsn traffic . 300-hours 2-channel playout and 4-channel programmed ingest plus the complete vsn news digital newsroom with 14 seats, synchronized graphics and teleprompter, all together managed by a powerful vsn archive DAM that also controls a LTO robot library for off-line.

In Ciudad Real ( Spain ) we can find an innovative TV layout and installation concept developed by Group Promecal and Emco ( vsn dealer), called Tribuna TV . After previous experience in other Spanish cities, and based on complete tapeless workflow from vsn , Tribuna TV will operate soon a 24-hour DTT channel with minimum human and technical resources, bt the highest signal quality and optimal working environment.

In Latin America we can also mention some important successes for vsn , Canal 95 (Peru Congress), Canal 96 (Chilean Senate channel) and a bunch of universities in several countries.

Videocorp, Chilean distributor, was awarded a complete turn-key system for Canal 96 integrating different products from vsn and Sony among others. 3 simultaneous DV25 ingest channels, 90-hour centralized storage connected to 5 NLEs, one 2-channel playout server and a character generator controlled by vsn matic 3 were installed.

About Canal 95 (Congreso de Lima Perú, awarded to Telvicom), Antonio Rodríguez, Canal 95 Broadcast Manager states, ‘We really needed to purchase a tapeless system. 24-hour transmission was impossible for us while operating a standard configuration. Now the vsn system, operated by 2 people, enables 24×7 operation. We are even communicated with the NLEs operated by the Press with direct FC communication to the videoservers, up to 4x speed and without any transcoding.

vsn has also been in charge of executing an innovative project at the Santiago airport in Chile, where the news bulletins signal is encoded in MPEG-2 @4 Mbps and distributed to the Chilevision datacenter, a couple of miles away. The news clips are stored there and streamed to the decoders connected to the plasma monitors at the airport. After very heavy testing the solution chose by Chilevision was based on vsn legalrec , the same as the system chosen for the channel's legal compliance.

Canal 10 de El Salvador also awarded vsn a complete digital newsroom, master control playout, graphics, etc, for over $210.000 recently. It is the first reference site in this country for the Spanish company.

The success stories and many others are qualifying vsn as the most demanded and popular end-to-end broadcast solution in Spain and Latin America nowadays.

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