VSNDays travel to New Delhi to present the ultimate End-to-End solutions

Within the last promotional events of the year, VSN’s team will soon travel to New Delhi (India) to offer a new series of practical conferences and training about End-to-end solutions and how to achieve their perfect integration within any given Broadcast or Media company. These seminars will count on the participation of VSN’s dealer in the region, Falcon Technologies.

VSN will show how to achieve its End-to-End workflow during its next cycle of conferences VSNDays New Delhi.

VSN will show how to achieve its End-to-End workflow during its next cycle of conferences VSNDays New Delhi.

On the 13th and 14th of December VSN travels to New Delhi (India) to offer in the Mosaic hotel a series of practical conferences and trainings about End-to-End solutions for Broadcast and Media companies: a tapeless workflow perfectly integrated that allows companies to save time and costs when managing advanced media workflows and optimizing On-Line and deep archive, modern News Room Computer Systems and a competitive playout center.

Falcon Technologies, VSN’s Master Dealer in the region, will share these seminars together with VSN’s professionals. The cycle of conferences will start at 10 AM with a welcoming and warm-up meeting and will continue with a specific seminar about Workflow Automations for Management and Content Delivery, where there will be explained the main differences between Media Asset Management (MAM) and Production Asset Management (PAM) tools and how they can jointly help companies to optimise their Business Process Management.

Afterwards, there will be presented another conference about Enhanced News Production and collaborative work between departments, and a third one about New Business Models for Broadcast Media, including new Cloud based business opportunities and the increasing importance of integrated playouts. The session will finally end up with a networking event where attendees will have the possibility to share opinions and create synergies.

‘We believe this kind of conferences and practical trainings are a once in a year opportunity to learn and network among peers and international leaders. To date our practical roadshows and conferences all around the world have had a really good welcoming and a great majority of attendees say that they have been really helpful for improving their daily tasks or even rethinking their business models. We hope to achieve the same satisfactory results on this occasion’, states VSN’s Sales Manager for the region, Javier Encinas.

Registration for both conferences in New Delhi will have limited vacancies and all of them will be booked on a first come first served basis. Those people interested in save their seats can already complete the registration form provided through the following link.

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