Learn how to monitor content like a frame accurate detective

VSN dedicates its first webinar of the year to content monitoring and the importance of exhaustively control all the content broadcasted by a TV channel, specially for advertising, archive or legal compliance purposes. This webinar, that will be live streamed on the 16th of February at 15:00 pm (UTC+1), has available its registration form through VSN’s website.

The webinar 'Learn how to monitor content like a frame accurate detective' will be specially focused on VSNBROADREC solution.

The webinar will be specially focused on VSNBROADREC solution for 24x7 content monitoring and recording and the main advantages that this type of software can offer to Broadcast companies.

Audiovisual content in the Digital Era keeps being distributed in multiple platforms and Second Screens, which enriches both the audience’s experience and the Broadcasters’ business enormously. However, this situation also poses new challenges for the whole industry, that needs to monitor content through multiple and very different channels at the same time.

Are we correctly monitoring all what is being broadcasted? Are we properly registering our channel’s advertising? What about following the corresponding legal specifications for content broadcasting in each country? These are just some of the questions that will be answered on VSN’s upcoming webinar about content monitoring.

Specially focused on VSNBROADREC solution for 24x7 content monitoring and recording, VSN will show the multiple uses that any software comprising these technical features can offer. Moreover, it will also show all the applications it might have in terms of productions’ rerun, content publishing on the Internet and VoD platforms, legal compliance or content archiving, among many others.

Besides, this session will also pay special attention to some VSNBROADREC advanced functionalities, such as automatic segment location based on Fingerprinting, Watermarking or Closed Caption technologies; Metadata extraction from EPG; frame accuracy; export information in multiple formats; or the latest web-based app to control the channel’s broadcast anytime anywhere from any given search engine.

‘For this first webinar of the year, we really wanted to focus our session on content monitoring systems and all the advantages that these can provide to any given organization. Although we are talking about a type of software that sometimes may go unnoticed, it is vital for concrete areas like TV advertising or TV legal compliance. That is why we believe this webinar will be very useful and interesting for all attendees’, states VSN’s Product Manager, Toni Vilalta, in charge of conducting this webinar session.

All the people interested in attending VSN’s Webinar ‘Learn how to monitor your content like a frame accurate detective’ can now save their seats for the live streaming session through the following link.

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