Empowering Journalists: What's next in news production

In the age of second screens and new content consumption habits, news and live production technologies continue evolving by leaps and bounds, constantly changing media companies’ workflows. From an organization of work based on rundowns and the maximum specialization of users on isolated tasks, the industry turned to a story-centric news production workflow concept. However, is this approach enough to face the new challenges that professionals are facing nowadays? Is it time to enter a new era in news production?

The concept of story-centric workflows proposed a radical change in news and live production. However, if in the past we understood that it was necessary to “group” all media (video, voice-over, subtitles, graphics, etc.) under one single virtual location to become more efficient in news production, why not also help journalists to group all the tools that they use to produce their stories under the same workspace? According to a study recently presented by the IABM, the phenomenon of interoperability is becoming increasingly important within the Broadcast and Media industry. This means that companies are seeking more and more solutions that allow them to easily integrate with third parties, being able to choose the best existing systems in the market to create their work environments their way. Fewer companies are betting nowadays on acquiring a “closed” solution from one single provider. Instead, and according to IABM data, 51% of companies give more importance to the freedom of choice of those systems that best adapt to their needs -regardless of which vendor they come from. Does this mean that a whole new way of understanding broadcast solutions is starting? Maybe yes or maybe not, but what is true is that flexibility is not important anymore, it is vital. Aligned with the change in the content consumption habits, News production needs to be ready to serve content with the same speed and flexibility that it is requested. Therefore, and after years of polishing processes with the story as the main organizational entity, it is now time to step into a new way of understanding news production. Our own bet from a company perspective is that we are moving towards an era of journalist-centric workflows, that are expected to improve even more the brilliant concept of story-centric news. How? By giving journalists a single workspace from where they can access all the tools needed to produce and create their stories, regardless of all the third party systems involved in the equation. This idea is, in fact, what brought us to create the VSN NewsConnect: a web plugin for NRCS and add-on of our VSNExplorer platform, that allows to integrate all the necessary systems for news production under one single interface (NRCS, NLE, CG, studio playout, videoservers, etc.) What advantages do solutions of this type provide? Undoubtedly, a greater speed and efficiency in the creation and delivery of content. Let’s forget about switching between tabs in our computer. The future of news and live production requires changes and improvements to make life easier for the journalist. The future is committed to compatible multi-brand work environments, to the “best-of-breed” solutions. And you? Are you ready for it? Those interested in obtaining more detailed information about VSN and it’s agile and interoperable solutions, can sign up for the upcoming VSNWebinar ‘News your way” that will take place Thursday June 27th from 4:00 PM until 4:45 PM CEST. Likewise, you can always visit our corporate website or get in touch with one of our commercials through the email address sales@vsn-tv.com.