Why you should invest in a good system for content monitoring if you have not done it yet

Although at first it may seem a less important or minor software, truth be told content monitoring systems are a key component of nowadays TV and radio stations. That is why they should not be overlooked. Why should any given broadcaster invest in a good system for content monitoring and recording? In this article you can find some reasons.

Discover why you should invest in a good system for content monitoring

We could provide you with a bunch of great applications of this kind of software, but in this particular case we will just explain below 5 key reasons why a content monitoring system has become a decisive product within today’s mass media.

1. Broadcast monitoring: For obvious reasons, it is one of the main advantages that this kind of software can provide users with. By relying on a good system for content monitoring, we will be able to know anytime anywhere what has been or even what is being right now broadcasted through our TV or radio channel, in order to exhaustively control at all times the content. Furthermore, the most advanced solutions even allow to monitor at all time through any kind of device, including tablets and smartphones.

2. Competition monitoring: What commercial blocks are broadcasting right now our competitors? How are they making today’s news coverage? Thanks this specific software, users can also record and control as many competitors’ signals as they want, in order to evaluate their performance and their programming quality every second.

3. Legal compliance: That is, to follow and fulfill all sort of audiovisual regulation legally accepted in each country of the world. Mass media have to mandatorily record and save what is known in the industry as the “legal copy”, that is, all their broadcasts’ recording on a 24/7 basis and for a concrete period of time (in the specific case of some countries like France, Germany, Holland, Belgium and Luxembourg this would be for up to 3 months, whether in others like Spain or the Scandinavian region this period of time is extended up to 6 months). Moreover, this copy has to be complied with the sufficient quality, so that viewers can check any given broadcast if there has been a legal claim filed related to inappropriate content for under eighteens, commercial purposes, crime and violence or electoral issues, among many other aspects. That is why, bearing this in mind, we can now imagine the importance of this type of software for content monitoring.

VSNBROADREC comprises advanced functionalities for legal compliance, content monitoring, recording and broadcasting.

VSNBROADREC comprises advanced functionalities for legal compliance, content monitoring, recording and broadcasting.

4. Conference recording: Any given meeting, such as parliamentary or plenary sessions, court rooms, regular meetings and any other sort of conferences can be also recorded with a content monitoring system, in order to publish them afterwards and share this information both internally and/or externally.

5. Live Streaming / Webcasting: Obviously, a basic and very interesting feature (although not the main one for this sort of software) if we are addressing broadcasters. Any advanced solution of these characteristics can also include specific features for broadcasting live content through streaming or Video or Demand (VoD) platforms, having the possibility to be used like a proper content distribution system.

As it can be derived from this short list, both the applications and advantages that a content monitoring system can offer to us are numerous and in the most advanced solutions, like VSNBROADREC, also very useful and practical for all Broadcast and Media professionals.

For those people interested in discovering more information about VSNBROADREC system, they can visit VSN’s official website to learn more about its technical features or even book a product demo in advance with our professional team, even during the upcoming NAB Show in Las Vegas.

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