5 reasons why you need a content monitoring system

Since content is king, the need to accurately track every bit of it seems only logical. Although it may seem minor, the role of a content monitoring system is essential for every broadcaster, and the great value of content as a strategic asset is just one of the reasons that define it as such.


1. Comprehensive broadcast ingest and monitoring

Having a good content tracking tool allows the user to know in detail all that is broadcasted and to supervise the live broadcast to ensure that there are no errors of any kind and, if any, to correct them as quickly as possible. The functionalities of this type of systems are designed to ensure continuous and programmable recording to suit each particular case.

2. Monitoring the competition

What ads are my main competitors broadcasting right now? How are they doing a certain coverage in their news? What kind of counter-programming are they going to schedule for their prime time? Systems such as VSNBroadrec, VSN’s monitoring system, allow us to track as many competitor’s signals as we want (multiscreen), which allows us to evaluate in real time our company’s proposal and positioning in context. In addition, VSNBroadrec allows the automatic recognition of certain types of segments such as ads or news, which can be a considerable time saver.

3. Compliance with the current law

Usually, media outlets are required to keep what is known as ‘legal copy’, in other words, the recording of all the content they broadcast for a certain period of time (in the case of Spain and the Scandinavian region it is for example 6 months, although in other European countries this period is shortened to 3 months). In addition, this requirement must be met with a quality standard to foresee a possible claim for inappropriate content, so it can be very useful to avoid legal conflicts. VSNBroadrec more than meets this standard and also manages the archiving of recordings automatically.

4. Creating all kinds of recordings

Not only a TV channel may need to monitor its contents. Conferences, parliamentary sessions, trials, classes, social events… In addition, systems like VSNBroadrec are able to create clips, add quick effects and transcode the video for its publication in different networks and platforms (catch-up functionality).

5. On-demand access with VSNBroadrec

VSNBroadrec’s web access allows accessing the system from a simple browser, and its flexible contracting, available under SaaS, allows users to make use of the software as they need it, either continuously or subject to activity peaks.

As can be deduced from this list, monitoring systems are as practical and professional as they are mandatory in many cases. However, this commitment does not have to be noticed as such if we know how to take advantage of all the potential it offers to be more competitive, agile and omniscient in our daily work.

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