Gibraltar Broadcasting Corporation Success Story

Digital End-to-End News Environment

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Project Highlights

GBC was looking forward to transitioning from a manual news environment to a digital one completely integrated, in order to allow for a seamless workflow from content ingest to broadcast and archive.
To date, the channel only owned some isolated digital solutions that were not integrated with the rest of the systems. Therefore, these were inefficient and insufficient to match the expectations of the channel.
VSNExplorer MAM
Central core of the project, capable of managing all the corporation’s content in an automatic and completely digital way. The system was integrated with an archive system based on ODA, in order to provide the channel with the maximum capacity for archiving files and quickly retrieve content .
Software for traffic and scheduling that allows all the departments involved in GBC programming and content creation (from production to broadcasting and advertising departments) to easily manage all the channel’s workflows, in order to achieved the digital work environment desired.
VSNExplorer MAM licenses
Different VSN's products involved
Channel's digital newsroom

“We met VSN some years ago by a reference through a third-party and so, we met the team and we were immediately taken by their friendliness actually. The main values that I would highlight about VSN are their professionalism, their understanding of their own products and more importantly, their understanding of the client.”
(Gerard Teuma, CEO at Gibraltar Broadcasting Corporation)