La Xarxa Success Story

Multimedia platform in the Cloud for media exchange

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La Xarxa is an organization that manages and supports the Catalonian broadcast and media sector. One of its main goals is offering joint programming, that is, allowing the 100 radios and 50 TV stations that it comprises to share their content and programs with each other.
La Xarxa was looking for an online platform that could help radio and TV channels to foster co-productions between them, broaden their audience and economically stimulate the audio visual industry.
VSNExplorer MAM
Advanced platform for media management that unifies under one single online site up to four different platforms that La Xarxa was previously using. It was also migrated to Microsoft Azure Media Services in order to allow users to upload, transcode, store and locate media files quickly and effectively.
Streaming platform for live broadcasting 24/7. It includes fingerprinting to automatically recognize content. In practice, this feature helps La Xarxa to have an exhaustive control and monitoring over all the programming broadcasted and even about the content and programs’ rights.
Different sites under one single platform
+ 50 TB
Cloud storage
Radio and TV channels using it

La Xarxa has left aside its dependence on manual workflows to organize their associated companies’ content through up to four different sites. Instead, it has completely automated and centralized all its workflows and media management through a unique and centralized content hub in the Cloud, where the 150 broadcast companies associated can manage all their media assets and exchange them in a quick and easy way.