REV Media Group (RMG)

Content distribution workflow

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Project Highlights

Initially, RMG was looking to replace its MAM or Media Asset Management system to expand its capabilities and with a very specific set of requirements in terms of metadata automation, video ingest and archiving, and publication to Social Media.
VSNExplorer MAM
While VSN's flagship product takes care of the most demanding tasks related to Media Asset Management in the background (metadata automation, ingest, archiving) ...
...RMG users work mostly through VSNCrea’s content planning interface, since the seamless integration between the two allows them to manage most of their processes from there.
+ 250
TB of migrated media
+ 15
Million people reached by RMG in Malasya
+ 3
Integrated content syndication platforms

“Since the implementation of VSN’s solution, we’ve seen tremendous improvements in our content distribution workflow, not only in terms of efficiency but also in our overall user experience. The team took the time to fully understand our requirements to ensure that the right solutions were deployed and we look forward to continued progress with the their support.”

Ee Kee, Digital Content Strategy and Performance Manager at RMG