Media management and orchestration for Telson and its clients

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Project Highlights

Telson.tres60 required a media management system for the company and its clients, namely Turner International, Kiss TV, Viacom and Iberdrola. In addition, this system had to generate a unique identifier for Telson’s internal use and, and on top of that, its content also required deep archive functionalities.

VSNExplorer MAM
VSN's Media Asset Management system manage all processes related to content ingest, content quality control and delivery of materials to broadcast.
VSNExplorer BPM
VSN's Business Process Management system defines the different business processes (BP’s) necessary to orchestrate manual and automated tasks.
Icons Telson 08

Project launch for Telson and Turner International

Icons Telson 09

System extension + DAC for Kiss TV

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System upgrade + LTO for Viacom

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Scaling of the solution for Iberdrola

+ 7
Years using VSNExplorer MAM
+ 5
Upgrades of the original solution
+ 50
Daily automated processes

“It is a totally scalable system. I can’t imagine life today without VSN’s content management system, it would be impossible with the content volume we have. You can use it as you need, integrate it, automate, transcode, edit…. It can always help you. After seven years, I can say that choosing VSN’s solution was a very good decision.”

Inmaculada López, Head of Engineering at TelsonTres60