Content manger on Cloud: cost reduction


VSN system is offered under a pay-per-use model, an interesting option for clients whose core activity is not broadcasting and so, do not need on premise equipment that usually requires investment and maintenance.

Content manager on Cloud: Content distribution

Content distribution

Content manager on Cloud allows media sharing in a secure environment, thanks to its advanced users’ permission system. In addition, the entire content distribution can also be made from anywhere to anyone.

Content manager on Cloud: Scalable and adaptive:

Scalable and adaptive

On Cloud technology can expand as much as each customer requires. Also, it has the ability to be integrated with third-party technology and be customized to meet any specific requirement that users may have.

Content manager on Cloud: Advanced features


VSN content manager on Cloud, along with Microsoft Azure Media services, can transcribe audio from video, translate it to more than 150 languages, extract keywords or moderate content, among other functionalities.

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