VSN content manager on Cloud simplifies all the tasks that can be required in educational institutions, such as cataloging, distributing or retrieving media and video files. This way, it allows them to improve their efficiency, while adding value to their video productions.

Ease of distribution

VSN’s content manager can distribute any type of media content and is fully integrated with the main social networks, as well as with other systems or second screens (e.g.,educational web platforms or Web TVs).


VSN content manager allows to access and retrieve all the media from a standard web browser and from any location, a useful attribute for this type of departmentalized and geographically disseminated institutions.

Didactical use

This system can be used for teaching purposes in communication related studies, allowing students to become familiar with a software that will be useful in their future professional work environments.

Customization and Thesaurus

In order to adapt this system to the educational institutions and their archives’ needs, VSN’s content manager can be customized, both for organization or cataloging purposes (thesaurus and metadata).

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