Creating a customizable dashboard in VSNExplorer

Discover in this video how to create your own customizable dashboard in VSNExplorer. Any user can create dashboards, including different media widgets, to take the most out of the capacities of VSN’s MAM System. Toni Vilalta, Director of Product Management, shows us how we can adapt the user interface to each media workflow inside an organization thanks to these customizable dashboards. In this new chapter of VSN Shortcuts, we will discover how to create and manage them, add any media widget, and customize your tools. 

What’s a customizable dashboard?

Okay, maybe you’re quoting Chief Wiggum and saying, “whoa, slow down, egghead, what’s a dashboard? Let’s step back to the beginning. Within VSNExplorer, the dashboard is where we combine the different media widgets and panels we use to work. Depending on each use case, we would like to receive information from the MAM System: search results, advanced searches, BI reports, etc. For example, we can create an asset management dashboard for media archiving workflows and another for media distribution. 

How to create a customizable dashboard?

Creating a new dashboard is very simple, as you can discover in the video. We need to click on “Dashboards” and select “Create new dashboard”. Once we give it a name, we can start adding media widgets. For example, we can add BI reports or search results with customizable metadata columns. As you can see, we can order them any way we like in the dashboard interface. In addition, the media widgets interact with other widgets inside the asset management dashboard. For example, if we choose the “Date Selector” widget, we can select date periods for the results given by the systems. 

Can I customize the media widgets? 

Yes, you can. You can create your own media widgets using Java code, but you’re not going to need them, as VSNExplorer includes many addable widgets. For example, we can add Business Intelligence reports to our customizable dashboards and measure our media performance. Another functional new element recently added in our Product Releases is the “Timeline” widget. Thanks to this, the asset management dashboard includes a timeline view for the assets. We just need to configure how we would like to group them and set other filter parameters. 

Discover the dashboard’s flexibility

Toni Vilalta shows us how easy it is to save a customizable dashboard inside VSNExplorer in the video, and we can even share it with different users inside our organization. Thanks to this, we can create additional dashboards for specific tasks inside our organization. For example, we can create an asset management dashboard for media archive professionals and another one with media widgets focused on media distribution for the users in charge of this operation. Easy, fast, and flexible. If you want to learn more about VSNExplorer, download our MAM System product information or contact us and book your demo with our professionals. 

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