Ecuador TV newsroom and archive go digital with vsn

The new public Ecuatorian broadcaster selected a ‘tapeless’ solution for newsroom and archive from vsn to start operation.

The introduction of digital systems based on IT architecture is popularizing throughout Latin America . Several broadcasters are digitizing and automating their content creation, archive and content distribution processes with the open and affordable solutions of the vsn group.

Especially interesting is the new contract signed between vsn and Ecuador-TV, the first governmental channel in this country, which will begin its emissions next June. “It was an important contract because the channel starts from scratch, and it will be almost completely tapeless. Ecuador-TV acquired XDCAM Sony camcorders, our vsnautorec ingest servers for programmed satellite feeds, a central storage server for news production, where all the content is shared among journalists, integrated with Vegas NLEs for these journalists, the vsnnews NRCS and live playout system, controlling a vsncg character generator and the vsnprompter teleprompter, plus a complete scheduling system vsncreaTV .

Last but not least, Ecuador-TV has also purchased the vsnarchive solution to be integrated with a Sony Petasite robot, featuring proxy operation to later retrieve the original content stored in the robot”, Jordi Utiel , president of vsn , explains.

The creation and assembly process of the human and technical team took one year but finally President Fernando Correa’s commitment to launch ‘a state-owned educational channel’ (Jan 07) is a reality now. Xavier Lasso, channel director, quoted that the channel programmes will soon include music, art, culture, science, amusement, information and open opinion.

With a tapeless workflow, Ecuador-TV joins an installed base of more than 600 broadcasters that previously trusted vsn for modernizing their systems.