What is the End-to-End? Many companies, including VSN, commonly use this concept to explain the whole media life cycle in any given Broadcast facility, but it’s usually hard to understand how it actually works. With this White Paper we want to put some light into this concept and explain how so many software and hardware pieces communicate with each other, and how all of them can be synchronized, under what can we have called the Broadcast Puzzle. We will show you the keys to create the ultimate End-to-End system and how to apply this insight to your own organization.

What is an End-to-End system?

The End-to-End concept did not exist before. It has been a new brand expression coined by the Broadcast industry in the last decade. Learn everything about it with our expertise!


Maximum flexibility

It is key to easily integrate third party solutions and products. Learn how to configure your systems in the most efficient way, meeting your most demanding needs easily and safely.

From ingest to archive

With an End-to-End system, it is now possible to cover the whole media life cycle under one single provider, taking care of all the daily tasks, from the beginning to end of the process.

The future of MAM on Cloud

The development of Media Asset Management (MAM) on Cloud has revolutionized the Broadcast sector, and we have included this technology on our puzzle as the Master Piece.

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