How to schedule content on digital platforms with VSNCrea?

We are glad to present VSN Shortcuts, a series of articles and videos in which Toni Vilalta, our Product Manager, will explain how to carry out essential media workflows in our daily activity using our products. In this first episode, we show how simple it is to schedule and publish content on digital platforms with VSNCrea 

Sometimes, our content must be published on different platforms and social media. This process usually must be done from each platform menu, using several tabs and tools where we manage each upload individually. With VSNCrea, we can unify all these operations in a single interface and schedule our media efficiently and in a simple way.  

Firstly, we will need to define the digital platforms we will work with in VSNCrea. We will only need to carry out this process one time, as every mechanism becomes easier once the workflow parameters are established.  

As seen in the video, we must open the administration module and select “Non-Linear Platforms.” Here, we will define parameters for each digital platform: name, ID color, server, media source and the plug-in with the IP information that must be specified previously. If needed, we could also set our linear channel to proceed with catch-up (recovering our linear content to publish on digital platforms). In addition, we will establish the automated metadata and tags for our content. Therefore, any time we upload media to a platform, tags like title, actors or genre will be automatically defined and incorporated to our publication.  

Once this process is over, we can schedule directly from our catalog or perform catch-up from the playlist of our linear broadcasting.  

How to schedule from the catalog module

We can search the content in our catalog and perform the media planning for an individual piece of content or for the whole production. In other words, if we have a TV series, we can schedule one episode individually, the entire season or the complete show if necessary. We just need to select them and establish their publication date. We can also add the unpublishing date to automate this process and avoid legal issues with third-party content.  

But the scheduling is not limited to one specific date. VSNCrea allows performing an episodic publication for content. For example, if we want to schedule a weekly publication for our episodes on different platforms, we can manage it seamlessly from the same interface.  

We must establish the start date and chapter for this episodic publication on the catalog. After that, we must select the day or multiple days of the week for the publication of the following episodes, along with the hour to premiere them. We can also set the unpublishing date for each episode since it has been published.  

Once everything has been scheduled, we can preview what our content will look like on the platform, thanks to the integration via API of VSNCrea. All this, without leaving the interface and with no need to access the different platforms or social media.

How to schedule from our Linear TV Playlists 

We will open our channel playlist on the “Linear TV” module and select any day to carry out this catch-up. We will choose the content that was scheduled for a specific hour. VSNCrea allows creating the content catch-up for multiple digital platforms from the same menu as we can see on the video. Therefore, we can schedule this content to be available on these platforms only when it has been aired on our linear TV. This is an interesting feature for channels combining linear broadcasting and content publication in their VoD and OTT platforms.  

When the catch-up is ready, we can check the status of our content scheduling on the “Non-Linear Module.” Here, we can review everything we will publish on digital platforms and social media using choosing between the calendar and list view. From this menu, we can edit, filter, delete or perform any changes on our media planning in a simple way.  

Many digital platforms, one scheduling solution: VSNCrea  

As we’ve just seen, VSNCrea is the perfect BMS (Broadcast Management System) for companies who need to push their content on multiple digital platforms and social media. It is an intelligent solution for those Broadcast & Media enterprises combining linear broadcasting with digital distribution. Thanks to this essential workflow, we can schedule all the digital activity of our content from a single interface. If you have any questions or want to know more about VSNCrea, don’t hesitate to download our BMS Product Information or to book a demo with our professionals.  

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