Toni Vilalta, VSN’s Product Manager: “Our solutions grow and expand their features every day”

With its fifth anniversary as part of VSN’s committed team approaching, Toni Vilalta, Product Manager during the period that has seen the biggest commercial and technological expansion for the company, answers a few questions about how things are going and the challenges for the future.

Toni Vilalta, VSN's Product Manager

Toni Vilalta, VSN’s Product Manager

How have VSN’s solutions evolve during this past few years?

At VSN we are experiencing huge expansion period, both commercially and regarding new markets and business areas, with solutions that have taken the first place among the sector’s vanguard, specially if we talk about media management and business processes. We have seen how VSNEXPLORER has become an unmissable tool for hundreds of clients around the world, not only TVs and audiovisual companies, but also big corporations that have the need to manage media and processes. Both types find that our solutions are perfectly prepared, because they don´t stop growing and expanding their features to answer the new needs and challenges that arise every day.

VSN has also been able to keep his place in the vanguard with the latest technologies, adapted to the challenges of the future. We aim for the best possible performance of our solutions, with a constant research on processes and solutions, something that has been recognised recently with the ISO9001:2008 certification, issued by the International Organization for Standardization as an award to our quality management.

What can you tell us about the Webinar campaign that you have been working on during 2015?

From VSN we strike to let our clients and potential users everything that our solutions can do. We can to share with them our know-how about the sector and the latest trends of the market. In this way, we have been pioneers by using Webinars as a direct communication tool, essential part of our strategy. Every month we talk about a specific area of our solutions, from media management to MCR automation or news producing, and we have found great success in doing so. We are very happy with the amazing attendance numbers and the many questions that our users send us, because that way we can understand first-hand which are their basic needs and how to address them with our solutions.

During our Webinars, we do not limit our presentation to talk about new features or to highlight our products. We avoid the commercial touch because we know that it is not what the user expect from a Webinar. Our idea is taking one step forward and sharing our all knowledge, as well as interact with the attendants during the Webinar.

This year VSN is participating in numerous trade shows and event. How is it going?

During 2015 we have put all our effort and resources in giving diffusion to our solutions in all the markets that we are present in. This has led us to organize many road shows and conferences, under the title VSN Days, in countries such as Malaysia, Thailand, Venezuela, South Africa… LATAM, Asia and Africa are very interesting markets for us, and there our solutions are finding great success, something that encourages us to reach the users and potential clients in those areas.

Of course, we have visit and we are going to such important trade shows as NAB in Las Vegas, BroadcastAsia in Singapore and IBC in Amsterdam, with conference programs and detailed demos from morning until dawn. Positive results and feedback are our best reward, keeping us on the right path and encouraging us to put our effort and will in these important events year after year.

Tell us a bit about VSN’s products and its success in the market.

Our media management solution, VSNEXPLORER, is nowadays the most powerful tool in the market, thanks to its Media Asset Management (MAM), Business Process Management (BPM), Production Asset Management (PAM) and Business Intelligence (BI), covering all the phases of the media life cycle, both for TV and audiovisual companies alike. And we have noticed an increasing interest in this type of technology.

Our MCR automation solution, VSNMULTICOM, and, our News Room Control System (NRCS), VSNNEWS, totally consolidated in the market, with an impressive robustness and perfectly integrated with VSNEXPLORER, are one the most preferred options for users thanks to its flexibility, scalability and ease of use, and also for the post-sales support that gives immediate answer to any petition by our clients.

Where do you see VSN’s solutions in five years?

We are convinced that we are in the right path, because we put all our effort every day to be ahead of the latest market trends and to adapt our solutions to the challenges that the fast-changing Media & Entertainment sector poses every year. We are committed to that idea and we want to be part of the three most important companies of the sector in three years. To reach that ambitious goal, we are investing our resources and human capital in being at the vanguard of the technological I+D. Also, during 2015 we have launched an ambitious international expansion strategy that has gave us great results so far. We are on the right path, and we will continue to do so.


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