ITN automates two channels with VSN

In its modernization process, ITN took the first step into the tapeless technology; they have acquired two redundant playouts from VSN, 2 ingest stations, a network editing system and a MCR automation system, along with two 32×32 video routers from QuStream / PESA.

The Independent Television Network (ITN) – Sri Lanka’s pioneer television station with a focus on Children’s, Women’s and religious programs has been in operation since 1979. Currently, ITN covers most of Sri Lanka’s territory; though they’re planning to install one more repeater to eventually become an island-wide broadcaster.

After a competitive -requirements and price-wise- open bidding, S&S Technologies won the tender. The project consisted of the supply, installation and training of video router, ingest, redundant playout and network editing storage systems for their Sinhala and Tamil channels.

VSN was in charge of supplying 2 ingest systems (vsnautorec), 6 TB network editing systems (based on vsnstorage and vsnnetsharer) and MCR PO and automation (VMax + vsnmulticom).

One of the reasons to choose VSN as the system’s main provider was the scalability and openness of a system, which can easily grow in number of NLEs, number of ingest and PO channels, increase its storage capacity, etc. The system is ready to automate almost any CG in the broadcast industry as well as to integrate with VSN‘s Newsroom Technology (vsnairnews).

In only one week, VSN engineers set up the system at ITN’s site in Colombo and trained the ITN staff, thus overcoming the two major fears of the client: integration and control of third party devices (VTRs, videorouters, NLEs…) and training ITN’s staff in the new tapeless workflow.