Jordi Capdevila, VSN’s Marketing Director, re-elected for the IABM Board

VSN’s executive has been elected for a second term as part of the International Association of Broadcasting Manufacturers’ Board. Mr. Capdevila, that joined the prestigious organization in 2014, will be part of the Board for another two years.

Jordi Capdevila, VSN's Marketing Director

Jordi Capdevila, VSN’s Marketing Director

Being an active member of the IABM Board is a strong point for VSN and it proves its leadership by participating in the main industry association side by side with the most important companies of the Broadcast and Media & Entertainment sectors. With Mr. Jordi Capdevila as a member in the board, VSN continues in the right path to shape the future of broadcasting companies and corporations and leads the way towards innovation in their products and solutions.

“We’re delighted that Jordi Capdevila has been re-elected to IABM Members’ Board. He has proved invaluable in giving astute and perceptive ideas and in representing the southern Europe region”, declares Mr. Peter White, IABM’s Chief Executive. “He is one of a diverse and talented range of professionals that sit on our board. The breadth of experience these individuals bring will strengthen IABM’s ability to serve the needs of its members and others working in the industry and also to deliver on its broader purpose: to be the authoritative voice of the broadcast and media technology supply industry worldwide”.

Established in 1976, the IABM is controlled through a Members’ Board which has elected and appointed Directors. The Board is elected every two years and is responsible for the overall operation of the IABM. It also sets, reviews and changes as necessary the policies of the association, which are then implemented by the IABM Team. The members’ board also exercises overall financial control. The new IABM’s Chair is James Gilbert, Founder and Joint Managing Director at Pixel Power.

“It is a great honor for me to be part of this Board and to take part in the deliberations and operational reviews of the association”, declares Mr. Jordi Capdevila, VSN’s Marketing Director, regarding its appointment. “It is very exciting to be part of IABM’s central core in this moment of change for the industry, in which new challenges arise every day and we need to find innovative solutions to push technology forward”.

In VSN’s vision it is stated to be one of the most influential companies in the industry. This is why it is essential for the company to have a strong position in the leading associations and help them grow as the entire business grows.

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