Boost productivity editing on Cloud

Immediacy in content delivery has become a motto for journalists nowadays. Being in the exact place where events happen and sharing this information practically at the same moment in which they take place has become the main concern of the vast majority of media. In order to get this immediacy, professionals must have at their disposal those precise tools that allow them to send their content ready for broadcast anytime anywhere, including of course the type of content that is currently the most consumed one by the audience: the video. Do journalists and editors have available the necessary tools to do this? At VSN we have a solution that might be of their interest.

Meet Wedit

A web-based video editor that allows users to manage and edit all the assets and audiovisual pieces of any media company directly in the Cloud and from a unique interface.

A good use of Metadata

Having a Video Editor within a Media Asset Management system makes sure anything you might need will be as far as a simple search. Include any asset in your productions with a drag and drop.

Why a Cloud Video Editor

Nowadays it is more important than ever to be efficient and produce faster with the old same resources. Learn how the production and consumption patterns have changed!

Collaborate and Win

Collaborative productions increase companies productivity. This is why relying in a Cloud Video Editor ensures a faster production and seamless collaboration among departments.

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