laSexta TV trusts in VSNMULTICOM for the management of its 2 new channels’ MCR

VSNMULTICOM controls and automates the MCR of laSexta 3 and laSexta HD. The solution, in a fully redundant configuration, controls two Grass Valley’s K2 videoservers and wTVision graphics in laSexta 3 plus governing all high-definition equipment in laSexta HD.

Once more, the Spanish famous TV network, laSexta, relies on VSN's technology and Unitecnic's integration services for the management of the MCR in its new DTT channels, laSexta 3 and laSexta HD, which began broadcasting last 1st November.

The robust automation solution VSNMULTICOM, installed in laSexta 3 in a fully redundant configuration, controls two Grass Valley's K2 video servers as well as wTVision graphics. In this occasion, the system manages video flows across IP networks, automatically transferring contents from the main channel, laSexta, to the MCR servers at laSexta 3, depending on the network's interests. The same automation software also controls the MCR server's time delay function so the contents can be aired with some delay while they are being ingested.

On the other hand, in laSexta's MCR expansion, VSNMULTICOM controls all HD equipment of the new channel, laSexta HD. The new system will be working in parallel and totally synched with the previous installation in SD format.

VSNMULTICOM already controls the MCR at laSexta, laSexta 2, laSexta 3 and laSexta HD. In the words of Silvia Roy, MCR Technical manager of laSexta/Mediapro: "We all need to be efficient at work and the VSN systems really help us to meet such efficiency".

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