Monte Carlo TV from Uruguay expands its VSN´s news and archive system

A 54-slots robotic library, two LTO6 drives, 10 MAM client licences integrated with the existing editing systems and two advance cataloguing stations are part of the system that the Uruguayan TV station has acquired for its news production system, also installed by VSN in 2007.

The project consists on a modern system of content production and deep archive for news, based on VSNSPIDER platform as the centralized workflow management system, oriented to the operation in an intuitive and agile way. The purpose is to automatically develop multiple processes for content delivery by the same journalists, without bottlenecks or complex operating processes.

Monte Carlo TV VSN

Monte Carlo TV VSN

“This new production system will allow us to have a super-fast workflow, reliable, simple to operate and to understand even by the less experienced journalists, who will have more than 3000 hours of HD content available online, categorized for quickly editing news”
, said Alberto Larraburu, News Chief Engineer at Monte Carlo TV News.

With this new purchase to VSN, Monte Carlo´s Channel 4 news service is composed of an VSNAUTOREC DIRECTOR Automated Ingesting System that controls two 2Ch servers each for a total of 4 baseband HD Ch, intended to capture international news agencies material. The deployment consist also of a central 32TB online storage, which has attached 10 non linear Sony Vegas editors, 10 VSN News Terminal text writing tools, 10 VSN Media Store client licences as MAM, a 2Ch HD Server automated by VSNAIRNEWS, an NRCS automated prompter server, a deep archive system managed by VSNSPIDER that controls 3 VSNWORKERS servers dedicated to media movement to different environments, and two VSNTRANSCODER servers that are in charge of transcoding and creating proxys for visualization and publishing on the Internet.

VSNARCHIVE, at the end of the workflow, is in charge of the contents definitive storage in a LTO6 Qualstar library, formed by 54 slots and 2 8Gb fiber drives, managed by the English company SGL, with whom VSN shares several installations in the region. The system will be installed on the Monte Carlo News Centre, from where the famous programme Telenoche is daily broadcasted, and is part of a broader process of technological modernization that the Uruguayan station has launched, with a strong investment to migrate their entire system to High Definition (HD ).

Monte Carlo TV is a VSN´s client since 2007, when it acquired a complete news system, formed by 10 text editing positions, 10 Sony Vegas NLE, a graphics generator and teleprompter with two structures, both controlled by the NRCS VSNNEWS, along with a basic MAM with 15 client licences, and servers for both ingesting and automated playout. Later, in 2011, it made ​​an HD upgrade of all the previously acquired platform.

We are very proud to increase our sales every year thanks to new customers, but it’s a double satisfaction to do so from the very people that already trusted us in the past, because that is the best recognition to the dedication we show to broadcasters with our support and post-sale services. It’s the effort to exceed the expectations of our customers every day that allowed us to exceed 30% annual revenue growth in the region”, explains Mario Diaz, director of sales for Latin America VSN.

Alberto Larraburu declares that “for several months we evaluated different options, and we finally found in VSN what we need and what best suits our news department. VSN has a cataloging system with advanced options for better content archiving. A simple and powerful search interface allows the journalist to quickly find and preview the material in low resolution. The platform also allows us to create different classes of users and to define the actions that they can execute, depending on the position they hold within the news department. “

Photo source: Monte Carlo TV. 

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