Discover the new VSN offices!

Last week we celebrated the premiere of the new VSN offices. Yes, we’ve moved but not too very far. We are still in Barcelona, but our headquarters are now in Sant Cugat del Vallés. we will share this modern space with other Aspire Software companies in a completely new installation. Discover in this article what our new offices look like and how we celebrated our first day at home with the entire team. 

We’ve moved to Sant Cugat

This move hasn’t been a one-day thing. The company valued several locations alongside other Aspire Software companies during the last year until we found the perfect candidate for the new VSN offices. We were looking for a new, modern and well-connected building in Barcelona. After a long search, we’ve found the right spot in Sant Cugat del Vallès: a space where other multinational corporations are located, fully equipped, close to the AP-7 highway and twenty minutes far from the Airport of El Prat. 

A modern space for VSN offices

It wasn’t easy to leave our previous home, where we worked for many years. However, we knew that the change was for the better. Now, our headquarters are a modern facility, equipped with state-of-the-art technology and we are sharing the roof with our colleagues from Aspire Software. Our professionals work in a spacious and bright workspace, where they can perform their daily tasks with total comfort; the new VSN offices are aligned with the company spirit; young, modern and innovative. 

Our first day in Sant Cugat

The new VSN offices deserved a premiere with all the flashes and lights of significant occasions. Therefore, the company invited all employees to the new headquarters and celebrated an internal event. Even those who work outside Barcelona were encouraged to come and join the party; What a better occasion to see each other! After the speeches from the bosses, all the team met together at the offices’ garden for a team building activity and to make a toast to our new home. 

New home, new partners, the same philosophy

Como ya hemos mencionado, en estas instalaciones nuestros trabajadores compartirán estas instalaciones con otras compañías de Aspire Software. Una nueva casa para todas estas empresas y un espacio común para seguir construyendo sinergias juntos y colaborando para seguir siendo referentes en nuestros respectivos sectores. Las nuevas oficinas de VSN no cambian la filosofía de una organización enfocada en otorgar el mejor servicio posible a nuestros clientes y las mejores soluciones de media. Os damos la bienvenida a nuestras oficinas y os animamos a visitarnos para realizar demos con nuestros profesionales y seguir descubriendo nuestros productos. 

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