VSN launches new online platform for technical support

The company has decided to modify the management system of its technical support service through a new online platform that will allow users to control all the technical incidents and contracts underway for maintenance. The service, that will be fully operational for all support clients on 2017, is currently undergoing its production and testing phase.

VSN's new online platform for technical support includes even analytical reports.

VSN’s new online platform for technical support includes even analytical reports for tracking the company’s evolution of technical incidents and opened cases.

In order to keep improving its customer’s satisfaction everyday, VSN has launched a new online platform for technical support to manage all the incidents registered by the users. This new website will allow all those clients that have hired VSN’s support services to have available all kinds of updated information about this service, including the validity and date of expire of their contracts, the incidents and cases opened, their technical details and their current state. Furthermore, this new platform will even comprise an analytics report to check at all times the number of incidents registered in the current month or year.

To date VSN relied on a third party system and regular email notifications, in order to solve all their clients’ technical needs. However, this system was far more complicated for end-users, who could not easily track the evolution and validity of their contracts.

‘Thanks to this new website, we hope to improve our team’s efficiency and also to provide clients with an easy and intuitive tool for having a strict control of their support service’, states VSN’s Support Director, Francisco Javier Sabater Sanchís. ‘So far the feedback received has been great. Now we can offer a quick and precise solution to our customers’ technical problems and they can also have total control of the information and incidents on hand’.

VSN’s development team was the one in charge of promoting this initiative that has been developed throughout 2016, in order to provide customers with the perfect solution that met all their needs. As the Web Developer in charge of the project, Oriol Egea, explains, ‘it was easy to implement this new service after years of receiving feedback from our clients. The core idea was to offer an added value to VSN’s customers and I think we have achieved it. Moreover, thanks to HTML5 technology, we count now on a fully operational platform even on the mobile phone, that will be continuously updated’.

The new online platform for technical support will be opened to all support clients on 2017.

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