VSN is preparing a new webinar on Broadcast & Media trends for 2021

After two successful editions of VSN Wired, VSN’s digital show that served as an alternative to the cancellation of physical events, VSN is resuming its traditional webinar format to analyze, with in-house and prestigious third-party data, the possible scenario that the industry could face in 2021.


Embracing change in uncertain times

The webinar “Embracing change in uncertain times”, which will take place on November 12 at 15:00 CET, will be presented by Ricardo Quintanilla, Content Manager for VSN, and Toni Vilalta, Product Manager. The session will cover in detail the changes that the pandemic and other drivers have produced in the consumption of audiovisual content and in the Broadcast and Media market itself, as well as the trends that can be expected for the industry in the foreseeable future. In addition to analyzing trends, the webinar will also feature a brief demonstration by Toni Vilalta on a complete content workflow, from ingest to broadcast, in addition to the usual space for Q&A.

Starting 2021 with a fresh perspective

“As part of our constant innovation, at VSN we always like to stay up to date with all the visible trends in the Broadcast & Media industry and share them with our partners, customers and public” explains Patricia Corral, Marketing Director at VSN. “After such an objectively atypical year, it is more crucial than ever to closely examine how many interests have been reorganized, whether it is the priority for remote work, the renewed interest in robust and reliable systems or the acceleration of changes in content consumption. They all seem to be here to stay, and we believe this webinar is a great opportunity to start 2021 with a fresh perspective“.

The webinar ” Embracing change in uncertain times” will be streamed on November 12th at 15:00 CET, and you can easily register here to watch it live or receive the recording later.

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