News agency Atlas chooses VSN for distributing its content

VSN provides Atlas, part of the Mediaset group, with a reliable and highly flexible software solution for its news and content distribution needs. This has allowed them to cease usage of their satellite links, much more expensive and less operative.

Mediaset España has implemented a content exchange management system with VSN´s acceleration platform as core technology, together with Telefónica. Clients in remote locations receive contents through the Internet, thanks to the most advanced video transfer technologies, based on VSN´s transfer acceleration protocol, UMP. This protocol enables faster speeds than the conventional FTP.

VSN´s solution for accelerating the process of sending broadcast quality files through the Internet, based on the UMP protocol (developed by VSN), comes with a metadata-rich interface for managing the content and the option of previewing news in low resolution. It also allows the user to fully automate all distribution-related processes. Before this, Mediaset´s agency, Atlas, sent its files using a satellite communications platform, with higher costs and reduced functionalities.

The solution provided by VSN consists in a server platform installed in Mediaset´s offices. This platform stores and organizes the content generated by Atlas in different folders, these are then distributed to its clients, mainly local or regional TVs, such as Canal Sur, 8TV, BTV, La Voz de Galicia or TVCYL, among others. Lastly, VSN´s content exchange manager, among other functionalities, enables previsualization in low resolution and organizes the content, allowing the user to manage the catalogue and control its access rights.

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