Traditional news production has changed forever. Nowadays in order to be successful and increase the audience of our media, we need to produce much more quality content and distribute it through as many platforms and social media as we can, including traditional TV. Are journalists prepared to face these challenges? Are we providing these professionals with the right tools and software for this? Discover with VSN and Ross Video how the improved integration between Inception and VSNExplorer systems can become the NRCS solution that you need to face the following challenges.

All-in-one web interface

Create, organize and personalize your rundowns, news and media files easily, either manually or using templates.

Empower your stories

Complete your news with video content or media files of any kind thanks to the advanced search features and web video editor, Wedit, 100% HTML5.

Integration with Social Media

Create, schedule and publish content for social media like Facebook, Twitter or Youtube directly from the system’s interface.


Learn from the experts!

Toni Vilalta, VSN’s Product Manager, and Carole Pigeard, Business Development Manager for Ross Inception, explain all these features and offer a live Demo.

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