Oriol Egea, Web & CRM Developer: “VSN helps me to grow professionally and to develop my potential”

Every year, VSN introduces to the professional world of technology a great number of young students thanks to its collaboration agreements with several educational institutions. Oriol Egea, the youngest member of the VSN Team, earned a scholarship that opened the doors of the company for him and that allowed him to work in the Support Department. Nowadays, he is developing a successful career in VSN, acting as Web Developer and keeping the company’s Website up to date, together with the CRM. In this Q&A, Egea talks to us about his experience in VSN.

Oriol Egea is the youngest member of the VSN Team

Oriol Egea is the youngest member of the VSN Team

What would you like to highlight from your daily work at VSN?

For me it is very important to enjoy the chance of working with a solid and experienced team, that allows me to consolidate and expand my knowledge every day. The use of state-of-the-art technology to solve the needs that VSN finds in the market is the perfect scenario to comprehend the latest trends in the sector. Also, I can develop my initiative and my projects, which enables me to improve the final results of my tasks and help VSN. This company is a constant source of knowledge, compromise and innovation, and thanks to the implication of each and every one of the people that takes part in it, I can actively participate and share this same values.

What are your tasks as part of VSN’s team?

I work in direct contact with the development team. I started working in the Support team, but VSN has given me the chance to grow and develop all my potential. I implement new features in the corporate website and maintain the existing ones, while developing the CRM to align it with the company’s strategy, something that obliges me to be in close contact with the Sales and Management departments. I also develop and maintain integrated applications in the CRM (as the support web) and participate in the development of projects together with the development team. I am also in charge of making sure that we use efficient and modern technologies during all the processes that I am part of.

What can you tell us from your point of view?

VSN’s technology is clearly oriented to meet the needs of the client, and that is something that you can see from the very first phases of the development of an idea or feature. This is something that we have reflected on our corporate Website, launched a year ago, where we put all the information about our products, in form of videos, datasheets, White Papers, Webinars, etc., so that our clients can have all the data in a transparent and clear way. We always try to keep track of the latest technology trends from the industry to apply them to our solutions. We are very passionate about technology, we love what we do and for us there is nothing better than finding the right app or feature to solve any new need appearing the ever-changing Broadcast and Media&Entertainment industries.


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