1. VSNExplorer

1.1 What’s new?

1.1.1 Assets

  • New feature to define segments with copyright to prevent the usage and distribution of parts of the media.
  • Disable the download of files if there are copyrighted segments.
  • UI Improvements in related assets tabs.
  • UI improvement in the visual presentation of the Business Uses in the Files tab.

1.1.2 Player

  • Configure and apply scripting rules when player is showing images to show or hide images from player in the search results and inside the asset record.  

1.1.3 Metadata

  • Define “files” and “user” operand in metadata rules system.
  • UI Improvements in entities component.

1.1.4 Wedit

  • Search is automatically executed when opening a Wedit.
  • Avoid using cuts with copyrighted segments in Wedit.

1.1.5 Agents

  • Being able to use the agent “Execute Agents Sequentially”. This agent is useful to execute multiple agents from a given asset with just one click. 

1.1.6 BPM

  • UI improvements in VSNExplorer BPM tabs .
  • For more information about these and the rest of VSNExplorer features, visit the VSNExplorer User’s Guide, accessible from the same VSNExplorer web interface. 

1.2 Aspectos corregidos

  • Error loading the configuration of the “Change Asset Rights” agent.
  • Deleting multiple asset is not refreshing the search.
  • Assets cannot be removed from the bag.
  • When adding agents to an area the dialog displayed is visually broken.
  • Player hangs when PAM category contains a lot of assets.
  • Button OK and Cancel shown in the bottom of the page when play MAIN media.
  • Focus lost when deleting entries in multifields.
  • In files tab, when a volume path request ends with empty results, the message “Loading Volume Path…” remains forever.
  • “Timeline” Widget stopped working.


2. VSNCrea

2.1 What’s new?

2.1.1 Catalog

  • New ID generator pattern: Global Auto-incremental.

2.1.2 Metadata

  • Being able to use fields from related entities in the metadata rules.

2.1.3 Linear Broadcast

  • New field “Observations” in the containers/blocks.

  • Being able to show expired catalog content/productions from the playlists or blocks.
  • Being able to configure any first day of the week in each Channel.
  • New column in the playlists to check which Product Code a commercial event belongs to.
  • New column in the playlists to check which Service Order an event belongs to (Name, Type and Contract information).
  • Integration with Playbox Neo (Playlist and Asrunlog).
  • Integration with Morpheus (Playlist and Asrunlog).

2.1.4 Acquisitions

  • New page to be able to list and filter the Service Orders.

2.1.5 Commercials

  • Visualization of the available remaining time in the external container from Promos and Commercials Service Orders.
  • To show/hide the Ad Breaks with available space in a Service Order and use the Fast Scheduling into the Ad Breaks.
  • To move a Service Order from one commercial contract to another.
  • To show the details of the formula to obtain the prices based on Ad Rates and Ratings.
  • Replace productions in the Service Orders.
  • New option to recalculate and update the prices using the real data obtained on the day of the broadcast (Real CPM, Real CPR).
  • New page to be able to list and filter the Service Orders.

2.1.6 Ratings

  • To read information from IBOPE Ratings per programme or show. 
  • Being able to homologate programmes from IBOPE.
  • To show the Ratings information for each block in the Ratings module.
  • To read the rating data of the Ad Breaks using IBOPE.

2.1.7 Linear Scheduling

  • Being able to filter by Channel in the Free Scheduling service orders.
  • Visual improvements in the showings window within a service order.
  • To show the audit information about who created and who updated a Service Order and when (Created By, Created Date, Updated By and Updated Date in all types of Service Orders).
  • Modification in the filter options of the Free Scheduling Service Orders. 

2.1.8  Plugins

  • MAM plugin: Being able to map the Asset Description.
  • Being able to filter the plugins list by name and type.

2.1.9  Workflows

  • Being able to configure the available agents for each tenant.
  • Being able to see the list of Agents from the Workflows section.
  • Being able to see, search, add, edit and delete Published Agents from the Workflows section.
  • Custom Events to trigger agents when changes are made in Acquisitions and Broadcasting Rights Packages.
  • Custom Events to trigger agents when changes are made in Content.
  • New menu to be able to create Actions from published agents.

2.1.10  Others

  • Being able to define any first day of the week for all calendars in the Regional Settings.
  • Support of YYYY/MM/DD date format in the Regional Settings.
  • Being able to search for playlists between a given range of dates using the API.

For more information about these and the rest of VSNCrea features, visit the VSNCrea User’s Guide. 

2.2 Fixed Issues

  • Dependencies dialog in multiple delete (expand collapse).
  • Service Order: Visual mismatch in metadata.
  • Non-linear: In calendar mode, it is cut off on the days below.
  • Do not show alerts in playlists for “Standard” scheduling positions.
  • In catalog, the path of the parent elements is no longer followed.
  • Service Orders are opened always with the Save button activated.
  • Erroneous external container mapping in Promos Fast Scheduling.
  • Problem fixed when cloning repetitions in Service Orders.
  • Email Sender plugin is not saving the configuration correctly.
  • Graphics are not correctly added from catalog in the Service Orders.
  • Disable() function in metadata rules is not working.
  • Problem fixed in the dates when showing Ad Breaks in the Service Orders due to UTC time differences.
  • Ad Rates with discounts cannot be deleted.
  • Solve a visual problem with scrolling in the metadata rules.
  • Solve showings calculation in the Service Orders.
  • Crash in Reports of Service Orders when using Fast Scheduling.
  • Segments in MAM player were not correctly displayed.

3. VSN BP Editor

3.1 What’s new?

  • Add title and description in the selectable fields of the “Update Metadata Field Value” task type.
  • Manage default values properly at “Update Metadata Field Value” task type.
  • New “Save Asset” task type.  
  • Enable “Enumerator” field type in the “Update Metadata Field Value” and “Append Multifield Value” task types. 
  • Enable “Enumerator” field type in the “Update Metadata Field Value” and “Append Multifield Value” task types.
  • New a “Timeout Event” timer in the tasks to make the BP leave the associated task after a specified amount of time.
  • Inform users about errors happened while updating a metadata field. 

3.2 Fixed Issues

  • Real form fields allow infinite digit and broke after long inputs.
  • Only values from the first enum field listed can be picked.
  • Reference to property in form displays table twice.
  • Fix use of read only time fields in user task forms with values from asset metadata.
  • Fix failures on dates at user task form.
  • Update metadata and add multifield do not work with date and time fields
  • Conditions do not work on date and time literals.
  • Conditions involving temporal types cause malfunctioning to the editor.

4. VSN NewsConnect

4.1 What’s new?

  • Burn graphics over video for digital publications from NewsConnect.

4.2 Fixed Issues

  • Floating player is not opened in PAM view of NewsConnect.

5. VSN Livecom

5.1 What’s New?

  • Enable multi select actions (Skip, Chain, Loop, channel assignment and deletion) in Livecom rundown events. 

6. Workflows & Integrations

6.1 What’s new?

  • New agent to burn graphics over video using VSNOneTV API (only available with  NewsConnect).
  • New agent to Consolidate Wedit using VSNOneTV API (CPEMDIA).
  • Change Input type for SendMailFromCrea.
  • Sending posters for season and series to Switch Media OTT.

6.2 Fixed Issues

  • Problem in the maximum update date of the Worker license.
  • Error in GET command in the agent.
  • Solved a problem with the Upload to Facebook.

7. VSNOne TV

7.1 What’s new?

7.1.1 General functionality

  • NDI version updated to 5.5.
  • In AirMgr, in playlists, lines with EndMode – Skip type and empty Media are no longer highlighted like NoMedia.
  • In the editor of graphic compositions, the preview of video effects applied to static images has been fixed.
  • In AirMgr/Newscut/MaConnect, when changes to doc-panels are blocked in the configuration, it is no longer possible to unhook them from their places in floating mode.
  • In the program channel, when issuing information via the TSL_UMD protocol, you can now set both display and screen, on which the text will be displayed.
  • A parameter has been added to the program channel for the Pause command, which allows you to roll back the current position immediately after a pause and resume playback from a small repeat.
  • Synchronization of main/backup graphic sheets has been added in the program channel.
  • NDI SDK version updated to 5.0.
  • Fixed a regression with the initial loading of a large number of folders in the media browser.

7.1.2 Mediabase

  • In the mediabase service, performance optimizations were made in the operation of triggers when working with a large number of folders and files.

7.1.3 Multiviewer

  • In the Multiviewer service, the Enable alarm and Disable alarm commands now accept the wildcard mask as the window name.
  • Added the ability to notify by email through mail servers that do not require authorization in Multiviewer. 

7.1.4 NewsCut

  • Fixed sound distortion in Newscut/FileMonitor when playing audio in NTSC modes.
  • Newscut fixed the display of the sound waveform after cutting audio clips.
  • Newscut fixed some hotkeys on the timeline.
  • Recording audio from a microphone on the timeline has been fixed in Newscut.

8. Other brands

8.1 What’s new

8.1.1 Fortinge

  • Prompter series ERA is now ERA-IP! Renewed with IP input (accepts NDI stream), new hood and new mechanical designs. Supports receiving prompter feed in NDI. 
  • New PROX series of Studio Teleprompters, featuring new lightweight and robust monitor design, and new counterweight-less adapter plate. They are available as the same size as PROS, (15,17,19,21), around %10 more expensive than the equivalent PROS model. EU stock will be receiving from October onwards. PROX will have only SDI, HB, and HB-SDI variants.  
  • Forprompt software can now work in client-server mode, the UI and the engine can be running on different PCs on the network. The licensed part is the engine, UI can be installed on an unlimited number of machines. Also, Forprompt now supports NDI streaming output and can work on Mac. 

9. Technical Aspects

  • The recommended browsers for both VSNExplorer and VSNCrea are Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. (The certification process for these Release versions has been passed using Firefox 102.0).
  • Old versions of Microsoft Internet Explorer are not supported. 
  • Latest fully compatible and certified OSX version: 10.13 High Sierra.
  • Run Explorer Client software in all workstations to be sure the users have all recommended software versions for VSNExplorer.
  • Latest VSNDesktopAgent Plus Installer 5.3.515.0 version should be updated in all needed workstations. 
  • If you have VSNCrea with the integration with VSNExplorer MAM, it is mandatory to update both systems to these latest versions.
  • It is recommended to execute a Full Reindexation in VSNExplorer after the update.
  • It is recommended to clean the cache of your web browser after the update. 

10. Getting help

  • Access to the latest Product Release videos and to many more media content in one place:
  • VSN Explorer and VSN Crea User Online Guides can be accessed from the same web interface. 
  • If you need technical assistance please contact our Support Service at any time by sending an email to 
  • Support is also available at the VSN customer support helpdesk.