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Marketing and external comms

Marketing campaigns, advertising, corporate announcements... Using enterprise video content for this action shows the image of an innovative business adapted to the current communication channels. However, if we do not take care of the corporate video management and take control of our archive, this resource might become a problem.

Internal resources

Enterprise video content is essential in the internal management of our business: onboarding sessions, tutorials and training resources, recording meetings and internal events, etc. If we want to make the most of these resources, we must add enterprise content solutions to manage, catalog and archive them and provide easy access to our workers.

A professional solution

As more we can do with the enterprise video content in our business, the more we will need a professional corporate video management solution. There is a point when traditional storage solutions are not enough for the number of video resources. We need to take a step further to catalog, localize, archive and manage these resources.

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Media Asset Management system that offers all the necessary tools to manage and orchestrate the entire media lifecycle of any broadcast and media company, private corporation or public institution, from cataloging to advanced content search, preview and editing, quick retrieval and archiving.

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