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How interoperability is reshaping News Production

Nowadays, we live in the age of multi-platform publishing where the news and live production landscape is continuously evolving and changing media companies’ workflows.

Actually, in the last decade, professionals who are looking for more efficient ways to work, have achieved a more flexible approach to News content publishing thanks to the story-centric news production concept.

But flexibility is not important anymore, it is vital.

That is why in this VSN Webinar we will review why it is time to step into a new way of understanding news production, a new era of journalist-centric workflows.

Discover the advantages of interoperability and the key role that multi-brand work environments and “best-of-breed” solutions will play in the future of the industry. And finally, meet VSN NewsConnect, the ultimate solution to provide journalists with a single workspace from which they can access all the tools needed to create their stories.

Journalist-centric workflows
Multi-brand work environment
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