Teletica chooses VSNMULTICOM for the automation of three channels in Costa Rica

After a long and detailed process of analysis and study of the best automation solutions and video servers present in the market, that took concept tests and on site demonstrations for more than two years, Teletica has chosen VSN for the migrating-to-HD process of the ads broadcasting of three of its on air channels.

“We are very proud that Teletica has opted for VSN to manage the ads broadcast of its three air channels with national coverage, because this is a step up in the consolidation of our company and its products in the Centro American market, a region where we have gained important references”, declared Mario Díaz, VSN´s Latinamerican manager. 

Teletica is now in the middle of an important technological modernization process, that contemplates a strong investment in modernizing its broadcasting, traffic, processing infrastructure, news and archive platform. As part of this process, Teletica has acquired a 2Ch Ingest server, two 4Ch SD/HD broadcasting servers with 9TB of internal storage and configured as mirrors, and controlled by three independent VSNMULTICOM automation system, that manage each air channels´ ads playlists.

The system is based on a 2Ch VSN Autorec Capturer+ ingesting server, that writes simultaneously to two 4Ch Playout servers, configured as mirrors, with 9TB of internal storage managed with three VSNMULTICOM automation licences that process each one of the rundowns independently. 

VSNMULTICOM controls the ingesting and output channels through VDCP (RS422), and also the GPI´s broadcast Master switch, from which it receives all Play Next commands one minute after the user switch the mixer. It also has two MCOMREC Remote licences for controlling the ingest channels, a VSNMULTICOM Scheduler licence for preparing offline broadcast lists and three MULTICOM Remote licences for operating each broadcast list. 

The contents are directly exported in XDCAM HD@50Mb format from the non linear editing systems to a VSN Spider server, that has a shared folder that takes care of copying them to both servers (main and backup).