Telson chooses VSN´s BPM for Turner International´s 4CH playout in Spain

Telson, Tres60 Grupo´s daughter company specialized in film and advertising post-production and playout services, chooses VSN´s VSNEXPLORER technology in order to integrate its workflow with Turner International.

Telson, responsible for the distribution in Spain of the channels and contents of the American company, required the implementation of a MAM/BPM platform for managing all the processes related with ingest, quality control, processing, sending to broadcast and archiving. It was also necessary for Turner in London to have access to the platform via Internet, in order to work collaboratively.

Alfredo Blanco, Telson’s Head Project Manager, remarks that “VSN has been the only solution that satisfied all of our requirements; it is a 100% web platform, really customizable, based on the latest technologies, and that integrates easily with all existing equipment. This allowed us to improve and automate all the necessary processes for the deployment of Turner´s channels, in a very fast and efficient way”. One of the key achievements of the project was its fast deployment time. In only one month and a half, VSN and Promovisa, broadcast system integrator, installed the system, fulfilling the objective of going on air in September 2013.

VSN´s professional services, together with Telson, defined 6 Business Processes (BPs), and the different integrations required by Telson were carried out: integration with Turner´s traffic system; Minnetonka for audio processing; Softel for subtitles insertion; Cerify for automatic quality control; Carbon Coder for transcoding, and Signiant for file exchange with Turner International, as well as a BP for media movement to the Omneon playout servers. Regarding hardware, two 230Tb NAS were deployed, as well as the virtualized servers where all VSNEXPLORER processes run.

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