Telson.tres60 and VSNExplorer MAM, an evolving solution

For more than seven years, Telson.tres60, the oldest post-production studio in Spain, has relied on VSN‘s technology for the ingest, quality control and on-air delivery of its clients’ content. VSN now republishes the success story tracking the progress of the project.

An integrated and automated media solution

In 2013, Telson.tres60 required the implementation of a platform to manage various media processes for one of its new clients at the time, Turner International, with a record implementation time. The original project required a MAM (Media Asset Management) system for remote media management that was also capable of creating a unique identifier for Telson’s internal use and deep archive features. VSNExplorer MAM and VSNExplorer BPM were the systems selected for the solution, and it was the latter that was responsible for defining the automated business processes (BP’s) required for Telson’s customized workflows.

The development of a proven technology, VSNExplorer MAM

The satisfaction level with VSN’s proposal for TelsonTres60 was very high, as it allowed them to streamline, optimize and better manage their daily activities. That is why in the following years Telson would expand the use of VSNExplorer MAM on several occasions for its new clients, with successive extensions of the system and storage capacity: Kiss TV, Viacom and notably, due to its non-broadcast nature, Iberdrola, for which specific cybersecurity requirements were also developed.

“It is a totally scalable system. I can’t imagine life today without VSN’s content management system, it would be impossible with the content volume we have. You can use it as you need, integrate it, automate, transcode, edit…. It can always help you. After seven years, I can say that choosing VSN’s solution was a very good decision“. – Inmaculada López, Engineering Manager at Telson.tres60

If you want to know more about the integration process of VSN’s solution for Telson.tres60, you can check and download the complete success story in our clients section.

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